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How to register your Online Store with Moostore as a Vendor(Seller/Supplier)


Step 1

Fill in your Personal & Store Details

Click on the link on open My Account Page:

(Tick on the Vendor Text Box to Register as a Vendor)

Step 2

Go to Vendors Dashboard

Clink on the link to open Dashboard Page:

(To see Status of your Profile)

Step 3

Set up your store operating time (Day of the weeks it open and Time it opens and close)

It helps with collections from the Consumer & Courier.

Clink on the link to open Store Setting Page:


Step 4

Set up Your Shipping and Return Policy

Let the Consumer know how long it will take for their order to be ready

Clink on the link to open Shipping & Return Policy Page:


Step 5

Set up Your Payment Details

(Fill in your account details & Correct details for when pay outs are made)

For pay out it take 48 hours for moostore to process it cause of the high demand of the vendors requiresting for their funds.

Clink on the link to open Payments Details Page:


Step 6

Add Products (When adding products we want good pictures with only with background)

After adding wait for approval from admin if photo are not good product wont be approved.

Clink on the link to open Product Page:

Step 7

Clink on the link to open Order Page:

Is a page to track your orders everyday


Thank you for your time to complete your profile this will assist you with setting up your store with

Please clink on this terms and condition link to read and understand our terms & conditions for our vendor.




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